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ADINTER COMSERV Ltd is a private owned company established in 1996, commited to find the correct solutions and supply the proper equipment for the energy saving heating of large production facilities, especially by means of gas fired infrared heaters (light IR heatres and Radiant tubes). For the buldings not suitable to be heated by this type of appliances we offer a large variety of convection hotair heaters. The advantage of IR hating is the possibility of spotheating and concentration of the heat wherever it is needed without heating large amounts of air and decreasing the energy costs with at least 30% compared to any other classical heating system. The heating capacities of the IR appliances suplied by ADINTER® starts with 1kW up to 58kW, the type and model beeing specificly advised to every and each customers individual needs. All apliances supplied are coresponding certified according to EC standards and are CE approved.

ADINTER® can offer solutions for private patios or commercial terracces, exhibition tens and many other outdoor aplications.

Another main activity since 2002 of ADINTER® is the supply of complete solutions for poultry farms as well as may type of equipments used in farms and horticulture (silos, feeding-, drinking-, ventilation-, lighting-, heating-, cooling equipment and computers for the automatic control of the proccesses), with many satisfied customers all over Romania.

As a complementary activity, ADINTER® is importing and distributing countrywide lifting and pulling handwinches type GOLIATH® and LEWIS®, connecting elements (hose clamps, rope clips, turnbuckels, anchoring eyes, carabines, safety pins etc.), waterdriven injectors DOSMATIC® , fans MULTIFAN®, evaporative cooling equipment etc..

The success of the company is based on:

- The understanding of the customers desires and needs

- A wide range of quality products wich enable the possibility of giving the correct solution for every individual request

- Continuous market reserch and improvement of the offered products

- Consultancy and advise offered to our clients for choosing the correct solution for every specific case.

For details about ADINTER® equipment visit the coresponding section of our website or contact us.


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